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But it's someone almost as evil. This person, is none other than :iconbriel7:. Can you imagine what it felt to have him one day and tell me "I want to commission a story so I..." and then I lost conciousness... Not really, but it's really have been hard not to yell it around any corner. Not everyday someone you admire wants to hire your serices. I can't give much details now, but one thing is sure: this is  the beginning of an interesting partnership.
At least is has a silly pic to celebrate it! Briel76 reporting for booty
Stay tunned at mine and his Da page for more info!

  • Listening to: Area 11-Euphemia
  • Watching: Berserk, DBZ Super, JoJo4
  • Playing: Fate Grand Order, Guilty Gear Revelator
  • Eating: CusCus
  • Drinking: Water


S.E.C.R.E.T :)
Swooping from the sky. Light as the feather he wields. No garments or socks from his feather can shield.
High he sours like the man of steel. But a punch to his stomach and he'll lose his meal.
So why do criminals flee from his sight? Just lift the bag on his head in broad daylight.
Still the ticklish justice he brings is divine. And when he is done you may sit with him and have cheese and wine.
He is the justice bringer, He is a dead ringer, He is a damn fine singer, He was once on Jerry Springer.
Ticklish rights for one and all! Even if he only stands 4 foot tall.

Tickle fetish artist that only acts once a week and, hopefully, whose gallery will increase in quality over time.

Poetry courtesy of :iconremirtheshadow:

Going through another of my famous urges. This time I'm working on a little story where Saber from Fate finds herself in a laughable situation. The question is which Saber I'm talking about? Hint, she's not Artoria.
Weiss Schnee cover by DivJustice
Weiss Schnee cover
'Enjoying yourself?'

'shut up and keep going...'

Ammy smirked when she heard the commanding tone of the sentence, but brushed it off when she noticed the very weak way in which Weiss actually said that. She didn't command it, after all. It was a begging request. Well, for a Schnee anyway. So Ammy did as was asked, being requested by the Emissary of Fire as well, completely surrendering herself to the urge to lick the powder snow tasting soles. Giving herself over and lapping like an infant at it's favorite neopolitan ice cream. With a strange devotion and even passion, her godly tongue licked away. Making Weiss curl her toes and even start moaning in pleasure. She was enjoying herself, each lap still tickling her gently but the stacking of pleasure began draining what little energy reserve remained. Her laughter started to dim, lowering back to an adorable giggle as she shivered occasionally when Ammy struck a sweet spot. Which happened, oddly enough, each time either the center of the arch or the ridge of toes was caressed by the tongue. Something Ammy started doing more and more. She was enjoying a really delicious bowl of 'lovely feet' seasoned with a pinch of 'ticklish'.

Another installment of the bundle commissioned by :icondarkshaquille:. This time I present you with the cover for this neatly written story ,starring the bewitching Weiss Schnee and his OC Ammaterasu Okami, Ammy for short.

Weiss Schnee is copyrighted by Rooster Teeth.
Ammaterasu Okami is copyrighted by Darkshaquille.

-Since I first saw the redesign of RWBY characters for the time skip. I was amazed at how nice Weiss looked and I hot the feeling I'd draw her eventually.
-Two pictures and DS claims he loves them. Will he run out of love for the remaining three?
-The perspective was a bit complicated at first but gotta love this dress. Simple, easy to draw yet appealing to the eye.
Yep, you read the tittle, I reached 150.000 visits. Meaning that much of you waste their time looking at the stuff I do. don't you have better things to do?
Just kidding? Or am I?
To celebrate this, after talking to my future commissioners, I decided to give you a teaser by telling their original sources. It's up to you guessing what specific characters I'll be working with. That being said...
-Bundle for :icondarkshaquille: Various 3/5 images done
-Drawing for :iconbluejoneleth: Lunar Legend Tsukihime 30% done
-Story for :icondoramon777: Gundam SEED Destiny Negotiations started
-Drawing for :iconalcapones: Tokyo Ghoul
-Story for :iconmaster417: Original characters
-Drawing for :iconnikto90: Real people

I hope you are looking forward to what will come, place your bets to see what characters I'll be doing and thanks a lot for your support. Let's get to 250.000 and something nice will happen!
  • Listening to: Overlord Opening (Clattanoia)
  • Reading: Yu Yu Hakusho
  • Watching: Ace Atorney, DBZ Super, JoJo4
  • Playing: Fate Grand Order, Street Fighter V, FEAR 2
  • Eating: Kebap
  • Drinking: Water
Real conversation with pals two days ago:
Bro1- The funny thing of this series is that the protagonist has a thing for legs.
Bro 2-He shares your fetish, Div!
Le me-Nah, I go lower.

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